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2024 Grand Mesa Short Film Festival Award Winners Best ActionAdventure- Day Without Hate,

Thank you to all of the incredible filmmakers for participating in the Grand Mesa Short Film Festival, and Congratulations to the winners!

  • Best Action/Adventure - "Day Without Hate" Conner Tieulle

  • Best Advanced Filmmaker - "Lost Bird (Zintkala Nuni)" Brad Colerick & Scott Feldmann

  • Best Animation - "Lost Bird (Zintkala Nuni)" Brad Colerick & Scott Feldmann

  • Best Cinematography - "Fishing in Colorado A 15 Year Legacy" Ty Gallenbeck & Chris Wilson

  • Best Comedy - "These Ol' Boots: An Americana Story" Dean & Elizabeth Bonzani

  • Best Creative - "That Time of the Month" Ann Allsopp

  • Best Documentary "Judd Omans Hart Memorial Episode 2" Greg Hart

  • Best Drama - "Due Diligence" Peter Nepi

  • Best Emerging Filmmaker - "Haunted House" Nate Posthumous

  • Best Fantasy - "Le Tour" Johnny Yager

  • Best Sound Effects - "The Last Claim" Justin Golightly

  • Best Sci-Fi - "Gift" Graham Northrup

  • Best Film Poster - "The Reiterative Reality of Rosemary Robinson" Gariella Marinace-Lee

  • Best Picture - "A Wedding Day" Brendan Beachman

  • People's Choice (Friday Evening) - "Lost Bird (Zintkala Nuni)" Brad Colerick & Scott Feldmann

  • People's Choice (Saturday Matinee) - "Gift" Graham Northup

  • People's Choice (Saturday Evening) - "A Wedding Day" Brendan Beachman

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