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The Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center is located in Cedaredge, Colorado; a scenic town nestled in the Surface Creek Valley at the base of the Grand Mesa, the largest flat-topped mountain in the world.  With a wonderful climate, small town charm, and endless recreational opportunities, the Surface Creek Valley is home to more than 8000 people, many of whom brought with them amazing artistic, musical, and other creative talents.

One of those talents is local musician David Starr.  David and his wife Cindy had a vision that Cedaredge needed a permanent venue to host performing and visual arts.  Cindy began sharing their vision and soon a group began plans to make the vision a reality.

Deborah Shaffer led the group discussions and it wasn’t long before a mission and vision statement was established, board members voted in, and an advisory council established.  After establishing a 501c3, a building was secured and plans to begin campaigning for funds was underway.

The building, built in 1906, has a rich history and housed many businesses such as a movie theater, bank, general store, auto garage and spa.  It would become the perfect venue… with a little work.

Renovation Planning
Renovation 5
Renovation 1
Renovation 4
Renovation 3
Renovation Cindy
Renovation 2
Ribbon Cutting

After successful fundraising campaigns and lots of hard work (thanks to our volunteers) renovating the building,

the Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center opened its doors to the public on June 15, 2018.

Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of life and inspiring our communities through visual and performing arts, education and advocacy.

Our Vision

To be a vibrant and thriving arts, cultural and educational center.

Our Guiding Principles


We strive to make every experience a member, volunteer, guest, visitor, artist or employee has with GMAEC and exceptional encounter.  We uphold a high standard of excellence for everything GMAEC produces.


Every decision and action we undertake is based on our core integrity.  Reliability, truthfulness, and fairness are the cornerstones of our daily interactions


With the utmost respect for each other, we value the spirit of teamwork at GMAEC.  Each gift of time, talents and treasures is recongized and appreciated in whater measure it is contributed.


We recognize the diverse nature of our community and seek to be inclusive, compassionate and welcoming to all.  We endeavore to make every touch a person has with GMAEC easy to navigate and understand.  We hope to mee the wants and needs of Cedaredge and surrounding areas within the bounds of our mission.


As a not for profit organization, we take a conservative approach to financial decisions.  We value in-kind gifts and seek to utilize volunteer skills whenever possible.  We are committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Center and our programs.  We will achieve our goals through perserverance and exploration of all possible sources to guarantee a strong future for GMAEC.


Innovation, imagination, and forward thinking are th foundation of GMAEC.  We foster the culture of creativity in every endeavor.  We are fortunate that a bounty of creative individuals gather at GMAEC to craft the visual and perorming arts, education, and advocacy wer are proud to provide.


Celebrating 5 Years!

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