Why Become a Member

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

GMAEC members have a profound impact on our community through their support of dynamic visual and performing arts activities. Your support provides the resources necessary to advance programs that encourage intercultural exchange and promote the education and appreciation of the arts.


As a non-profit arts organization, we rely on private support for as much as 75% of our annual revenue.  The greatest challenge for the organization is to maintain continuous support for the operation of the Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center.  Annual giving from community members is of utmost importance for the continued existence of the arts center.

Member Benefits*

While your membership has a direct value for you, it is truly priceless to us and the cultural vitality of our community.  We appreciate our members and offer the following benefits for their generosity.

*Benefits apply to total annual donation

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What is NARM?

The North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association® is one of the largest reciprocal membership programs in the world with members in the United States, Bermuda, Canada, El Salvador and Mexico! NARM has over 1,000 arts, cultural, and historical institutions along with botanical gardens, children’s museums, science and technology centers and more that offer their individual NARM qualified members reciprocal benefits.

NARM membership grants you member privileges at 800 museums, botanical gardens and cultural centers across North America, to include free general admission during museum hours, free admission to special exhibitions when no ticket is required, admission to members’ previews, discounts on purchases made on the premises in art and bookshops, discounts on film, concert, and lecture tickets.



David and Kelli Abrahamian / Jim Allen / George and Ella Allen / Aspire Pilates / Walt and Mari-Emilie Anderson

Scharee Atchison / Randy & Nancy Baker Cindy Banfield / Pat del'Etoile and Ardon Barnes / Dick & Kathy Barton

Dave & Cindy Beach /Tom & Sue Beachman​  / Bret & Lorna Beard

Donna Marie Woods-Benjamin and Don Benjamin / John Benjamin / Dwight and Karen Benson  

Ruth Bentley / Kim and Ken Besel / Patricia Borba / John & Barbra Breitnauer / Dee Brown 

Karen and Ted Brueggemann Jerald  and Wanda Brunemeier / Jane Cable / Richard & Rhoda Carignan  

Hendrika Cegielski /  Michael Chandler /  Arnie and Diedre Clark / Charles Clemen / Dave and Nancy Clement

Carissa and Russell Coleman / Kami and Allen Collins / Jan Conn / Jude Conn / Tom and Pam Cooper 

  Deborah and Curtis Cummings / Sonya Swartz and Bryan Daniel / Katherine Dean

 David & Jackie Dapkus / Nicholas and Cecilia Darrow / Steven DeFeyter and Barbara Roberts

 David Devinney / Bill & Jo Dickes / Scott Dickson / Charles & Kerry Dorius / Steve Driessen / Susan Ducept

Al & Laura Early /  Jane & Todd Everett  / Mark & Judy Fairchild / Greg & Juleen Feazell / Jim & Joyce Ferganchick

   Lana & Doug Flemmer / Bill and Laurae Fortner-Welch / Marge and Bruce Franklin / Kirk and Nancy Fry 

Ronnie & Judy Galloway / Rick and Debra Geddes / Gary & Gloria Good / Jan Goodread / Karen Grant  

Lynn & Sharon Grotrian / Diane Grudt / Dennis & Linda Grunkemeyer / Guida Anderson and Richard Hall 

Bob Page & Suzanne Hamilton /  Carrie and Dave Hanson / Rick and Len Harner 

Jan Harrington / Patti and Greg Hart / Price & Jeanne Hatcher / Teri Havens / John Anderson and Jo Carole Haxel

 Tom & Bev Henry / Nina Hiatt / Michael Hill / Travis & Annie Holton

  Perry & Terry Hotz / John C and Yen Chu Huberd /  Margaret Ingleman / Felix & Donna Iovanni 

Dea Jacobson / Dale Coker and Sabina Johns / Janice Jones / Rick & Patt Jones

Bruce and Lisa Joss / Melinda Katchur / Sue Griffith and Jim Kaufman / Gini Kendall

Marv & Jude Kieca / Dave and Jenny Knighten /  LJ Knoch /  Al and Connie Kogler / Jimmie & Kristie LaValley

Terry LaVau / Linda Lichtendahl / Tate, Julie, Mary, and Logan Locke / Claudia and Rick Lopez / Jill Ludlam

Scott and Stacy Malmgren / Marcia Martin / Stephen McCarthy / Joe Schlaefer and Doris McGuire 

Sue and Mick Meyer / Tom and Michelle Meyers / Loretta Molitor / Scott & Kathleen Morse / Lynda Murray

Melissa Newell / Richard & Vicky Nunumaker / Wendy Olson / Lindy and Daniel Palmer / Richard Palmer

 Don Parker / Kevin Parks Insurance Agency /  Doug & Carolyn Payne

Jory and Kaewyn Picard / Janet Quinn / Donald and Linda Ranta / Dave and Carol Ann Rasmussen

 Kathleen Ray / Floyd & Lynette Reed / Millie Walker and Michelle Reed

 Ken and Dori Richards / Melinda Roalstad / Don Burch and Karen Sales  

Sonia Scott / Syndi Scott / Ken & Deborah Shaffer / Barbara Silverman

Paula Simenson / Dan & Sue Skelton / Jeanne Sloan / Pat Sloss / Laura Hagerty and Curtis Smelzer

   Al and Jo Smith / Dale Russell Smith / Larry & Kristi Smythe / Will & Nancy Snowdon 

John St. George / Bruce and Lucinda Stanley / David & Cindy Starr / Mary and Pete Steiner / Becky Stilley 

Kacy Stillings / Marlin & Tanis Stinson Al and Ginny Stohler / Carol Stork / Rick & Nancy Peck-Stucker

Dawn Sudmeier / Brenda Suiter / Patti and David Sullenberger

Lori Biggins and Peter Sullivan / Richard & Samantha Swingle / Amy Thieme

Scott & Gynee Thomassen / Sherry Thompson / Barbra Torke / Ouida Touchon

Joyce Tanihara and Art Trevina / Daniel and Anna Marie Turilli / Karen Locke & Richard Udd 

  Jean Walsh / Ginny Warner / Adam and Chere Wasser /  Jerry and Judy Weaver

   Rick & Heidi Weissner / Nan and Jack Wenner / Sandra Werren / Dottie Whitlock 

  Diane Wilson / Patty Wilson / Garrett and Lisa Wilson / Lynn & Dan Wilson / Dave & Roni Wilson

Sandy Wilt / Anita and Mike Winter / Robert Wolcott / Coni Wolfe / Craig and Julee Wolverton 

Janice Woods / Bo and Rebekah Zeerip