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Saturday Night Showings

The Wood Thrush- Drama


An elusive bird's song draws the daughter of a strict pastor into

the forest, where an epiphany inspires her to seek a new life-a life at odds with her father's own plans for her future.

Guardian - Musical/Drama


Guardian portrays encountering Jesus for the first time and a representation of what life is like without Jesus. Is God real? Find out! Writing, filming, directing and editing done by Josh North. All songwriting, arrangement, music, instrumentation, vocals, mixing and mastering done.

Brightside- Drama


In a futuristic dystopia, Brightside Academy seems to be the safest and best school for a child. The images of lockdown and safety precautions become increasingly more haunting as we realize the tragic future as school shootings become more prevalent. 

Soap- Comedy


An experimental film of a family dinner. Only the main course, soap.

The Call of Water- Drama


Post adolescent Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.

Scarlet Cabaret- Animation


A 1920's burlesque performer arrives backstage to don her makeup for her final performance.

Judd Omans Hart, A Memorial- Documentary 

Episode I: Judd Spud, Stuck in the Mud


First episode of multipart memorial to director's father. It covers father's birth and early youth while delving into family history revealing gripping accounts of parents' and grandparents' settlement in Surface Creek Valley. It depicts both idyllic life and hardscrabble struggles setting the stage for episode II: Depression - Not So Great!

Onism- Documentary


A film portraying the feeling of wanting to be in more than one place at a time to experience it all.

Stand Up- Comedy


Sal Colton’s future was stripped away in a devastating accident, and she relies on her witty sense of humor to keep the depression at bay - and the world at arm’s length. Her gift of humor is put to the ultimate test when tragedy threatens to strike a second time, pushing her to rise up to find new meaning - and true healing - for herself and those she loves.

Shooting Black People to the Moon- Animation


Chris and Ryan Tripp, along with their cousins Ashlie andErin Tripp like to cause trouble with each other and constantly bother Ashlie and Erin's father, Dad Inpp. They hear a Billionaire is running a competition to select the best and strongest black man to join the space team. They have hesitations but seem to be willing to take a chance by trying out. The whole family signs up!  They figure that it will help them create memories with their uncle while helping USA. For a successful takeoff they are able to take home Planet Rocket sweatshirts as an award for their service. Ashlie and Erin eventually learned that the takeoff was a bad idea because they could have been involved with the spacecraft explosion failure... at least they get to keep their new planet rocket sweatshirts.

The Night of the Many Jaxes- Drama


On a game night just like any other, Ned and his friends are invaded by shape-shifting aliens taking the form of their friend Jax. In their desperate fight for survival, however, Ned sees that his friends value themselves more than anything.

Whitelines- Musical/Animation


Skeleton joy ride. [Contains bright flashing lights]

One Scholar's Factual Anecdote of Befriending a Ghost- Drama


A Student working on capturing evidence of paranormal activity, and believes they have it until it turns out to be an elaborate prank organized by The Friend. So, they leave empty-handed, or do they? 

Unfiltered Through Their Eyes- Documentary


I wrote, directed, and produced Unfiltered Through Their Eves documentary short during the pandemic lockdown with global filmmaker children ... It's was something relevant that touched my heart and still resonates today ... Everyone was talking about the seniors, healthcare workers, doctors, families, and businesses ... No one was talking about the children and how this impacted their world ... I was curious what children did or did not know about the Pandemic in other parts of the world.

We believe the film has brought a new perspective that hadn't been heard or seen before to so many worldwide.

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