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Written in the Stars.jpg

Written in the Stars - Animation

Director Caitlin English

2D animated senior thesis film (BFA) about the stories that are written in the stars, and how the lessons of the past reflect and explain many values in the present day. The film follows the ancient story of the constellations Monoceros and Canis Minor, and how they became side by side; written in the stars.


A+ - Drama

Director Trinity Roberts

"A+" explores the pressures and consequences of high expectations. An ambitious student grapples with a parent over the benchmarks to succeed. Original piano composition by Denver School of the Arts piano major.


Drowning - Drama

Director Joshua Turner

"Drowning" is a powerful short film that explores the devastating effects of porn addiction. The film depicts the never-ending cycle of addiction and the pain it inflicts.

Due Diligence.jpg

Due Diligence - Drama

Director Peter Nepi

A young idealistic teacher struggles with his job as he clashes with a troubled student.

TOBmoviePosterBIG copy.jpg These are the Boots.jpg

These Ol' Boots: An Americana Story - Comedy

Directors DEan & Elizabeth Bonzani

The ambitions of a ruthless manager test the limits of an unlikely musical duo's abilities, stamina, and friendship.

On Top.jpg

On Top of Me - Drama

Director Laurie Clemens Maier

When high school sweethearts reconnect at their thirty-year reunion sparks fly, but for romance to blossom they must face deep divisions from years apart.


Night Owl - Drama

Director Parker Vanden Hoek

A sleep deprived college student struggles with what’s real and isn’t, as her nightmares leak into reality.

A Wedding Day POSTER.png

A Wedding Day - Drama

Director Brendan Beachman

When an eccentric stranger stumbles into the couples first argument as man and wife, the day takes an abrupt turn and changes their lives forever.


Dear Father - Drama

Director Levi Kramer

The son of a recently deceased post-Edwardian frontiersman goes on a journey to find the resting place of his father. Along the way he finds the cabin his parents married in and has a vision of where to find his father. The son's journey takes him through many visions and memories of life before his father's passing. The son's journey is finding his peace amongst the nature of loss.


Vampyr - Fantasy

Director Alexander Christopher

A real estate agent, John Bell, takes a house call to make an estimate of an estate. In the dark hours he encounters a mysterious force that will change him forever.

LeFayII Poster.jpg

Le Fay II - Fantasy

Directors Josh Weber & Dustin Larsen

This is a sequel to the short film Le Fay. Morgana Le Fay is battling the evil King Arthur and has to destroy Excaliber before Arthur destroys humanity.

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