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Friday Night Showings


Kino Gold - Drama

A photo developer who works at a developments shop has a regular customer that sends wholesome and lovely photographs of herself and her husband, until one evening, the developer discovers that the woman sent in a new reel with only herself. Her husband has passed. Feeling moved and motivated to see the woman, the developer decides to pay it forward and offers her a sense of solidarity.


Ping Pong - Comedy

When a girl challenges two friends for a date, they face off in an epic ping pong match spanning centuries.


Perspectives - Documentary

Perspectives features the Pastor and members of Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, a congregation in Louisville, Colorado in which over 12 families’ homes were completely destroyed and numerous others damaged. Perspectives helps those of us who were not in the fire zone appreciate the impact of the fire.

Sensory Overload.jpg

Sensory Overload - Drama

As a college student with autism, I chose to make a mini movie about what it feels like to be on my campus, and sensory overload.


I Can’t Tell My Story - Drama

A young writer experiences writers block stunted by his relationships with others.


Boom Walks Into a Bar - Musical

A symbolic and comedic representation of a man's humble journey, step by step, toward his shining moment on the stage of life. The film showcases Ben Boom's self-produced music and original jewelry and inspires us all to shine in any and every way imaginable.


Spectral - Drama

We follow the autistic Keaton Walker, after moving to a new town with his autistic girlfriend Dolly, meeting the new neighbors and discovering something strange afoot.


LeFay - Drama

LeFay is a story based on the Arthur legend. We take a look at a what if. What if Arthur was not this amazing king that history tells, but instead he was this cold-hearted warlord that got his hands on a magic sword?


First Date - Drama/Comedy

Will Taylor has never been able to have a girlfriend, but he has a crush. In an attempt to learn how to date, he goes on a "practice date" with social media influencer Lara Quinn. After experiences with Lara, friends, and peers, Will is ready to ask out Sarah.


Hello My Name Is - Documentary

A conversation with international college students with multiple names, and how deciding between them affects their personalities, identities, and self-perceptions.


Clink. Shoot. - Drama

Flint, the local bar owner, waits for his younger brother to arrive with the money he owes him. Once, a very late, Oscar finally arrives at the bar, Flint learns this won't be as easy a transaction as he expected.


Loose Change: A Memoir of Childhood - Drama

A man-child sets off to buy a new cage for his beloved hamster but is enticed into a world of hedonism. He must become resourceful to make ends meet.


Cremains Unknown - Documentary

Danielle McCarthy, a Gold Star wife, unexpectedly lost her husband, David, a U.S. Veteran, in 2017. His body was brought to Sunset Mesa in Montrose, Colorado to be cremated. One day, she received a call from the FBI informing her that the cremains she had may not be her husband after all. As a result of the FBI investigation, Danielle learned David's body had been sold without her consent and later learned it's not considered illegal in the state of Colorado. This is Danielle's story.


Soon - Drama

A boy from war.


Common Thread - Documentary

The Common Thread documentary short joins us with global filmmakers speaking with children worldwide about the planet and their concerns for their generation's future... These children and filmmakers are not celebrities or activists ...But the children have a Common Thread ... They all want a sustainable and livable world and future for their generation.

Thanks to contributing global filmmakers and their commitment and passion to this film and journey.

My sincere gratitude to everyone involved!

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