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One Square Foot at a Time

Thanks to you - We Did It!!!

Your generous donations helped us secure our FOREVER HOME!

Thank you to all who donated, and to our grantors, who made it possible for us to purchase the building and ensure that GMAEC will be a permanent part of the Cedaredge community and beyond!



In this time of reflection on the year past, the Board of Directors and Staff at GMAEC, would like to express our sincere gratitude for the incredible support we have received from the community and our volunteers. The time and resources you all have contributed made 2022 a very successful year, especially with the purchase of our Forever Home!


The tremendous support given has positioned GMAEC to continue to provide quality entertainment, arts, and educational programming to the community and beyond for years to come!


Cindy Starr, Board of Director’s President 

The Vision


Cindy Starr had a vision.  Traveling the world with her musician husband, David Starr, gave her the opportunity to experience the inspiration of the art and music culture, and she wanted to bring that experience to her new hometown, Cedaredge, Colorado.  During her visits to venues across the country and abroad, she inquisitively researched the workings of a center for visual and performing arts.

During a Friday afternoon art walk along Cedaredge's Main Street in the summer of 2016,  Cindy surveyed the patrons and discovered a strong desire for more art and music - and more evening activities!

Cindy shared her vision with her husband, who enthusiastically supported the idea.  So they reached out to a group of locals who had diverse backgrounds;  grant writers, non-profit experience, businessmen, teachers, artists, musicians, etc., and everyone was on board!  The mission, with the support of the community, was now one of turning the vision into a reality.

The Journey


After forming a 501c3 and a Board of Directions, the Grand Mesa Arts Center was born.  The group now needed to find a host for their vision.  A historical building on Main Street was available for rent, and the group jumped on the opportunity to lease and renovate the building.  Builders, painters, artists, and suppliers all came together to donate time and materials for the renovation of 195 West Main Street.  A campaign was launched to raise funds to turn the building into a beautiful and welcoming center for the arts.  Hundreds of "Founding Members" donated to the effort and, on June 15th, 2018, the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center opened its doors to the public.

Since its inception, GMAEC's mission and guiding principals (found here) have been to serve the community.  With a welcoming atmosphere, the center has offered educational classes and lectures; student activities, performances, and art shows; a currated gallery featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, and unique creations from artists across the state; movement classes; dances; dinners; and concerts from the likes of internationally acclaimed artists John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) and John Oates (Hall & Oates), to the amazing talent of local musicians and bands such as Sinners & Saints and Bittersweet Highway.  With the help of the community, the Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center has become a cornerstone in Cedaredge.


The Challenge

GMAEC Building.jpg

The Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center entered into a lease for 195 West Main Street which expires in November 2022.  With the opportunity to purchase the building at a fixed price, the challenge of raising funds to purchase the building at the end of the lease has become critical.

Our community is invested in the GMAEC and we are asking for support to secure this investment with the purchase of the building, allowing us to continue and expand our programs for the community and beyond.

You can "own" a piece of this historic building and be a part of our continued effort to remain a vibrant and thriving arts, cultural, and educational center!

Each square foot of the building costs $80, so please consider "purchasing" a portion of the building and help us reach our goal.

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