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Grand Mesa Short Film Festival

"Meet the Future Filmmakers Today" The Grand Mesa Short Film Festival showcases filmmaking talent from across Colorado with two evening showings and one matinee. Aspiring filmmakers have created short films in the following categories: Documentary, Animation, Musical, Drama, and Horror

Grand Mesa Short Film Festival
Grand Mesa Short Film Festival

Time & Location

Apr 12, 2024, 7:00 PM – Apr 13, 2024, 9:00 PM

Cedaredge, 195 W Main St, Cedaredge, CO 81413, USA

About the Event

Evening Showings - 12 different films each evening!

Friday, April 12th 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 13th 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Parents, please be advised, many evening films contain adult content.

Matinee - Family Friendly (These are not children's films, but they are appropriate for all ages):

Saturday, April 13th 1:00 pm. - 3:00 p.m.

Get the Weekend Pass and see ALL films - Friday Evening, Saturday Evening, and Matinee!


Voice of Vanilla - Documentary | Run Time 6:30 minutes

Directors Maureen Lee Maloney & Samson Kaed

Although many take vanilla for granted, this difficult and dangerous crop could be a lifeline out of poverty for farmers in Madagascar. Will the women responsible for vanilla cultivation be able to weather the storms that threaten its very existence?

Delay - Drama | Run Time 8:51 minutes

Director Sofia Macias

In a surreal loop of time and perception, a man's simple date spirals into unsettling chaos as he repeatedly relives a fateful evening, encountering eerie glitches in reality, forcing him to confront the consequences of his choices and their enigmatic connection to 2 small gifts.

The Reiterative Realty of Rosemary Robinson - Comedy | Run Time 6:25 minutes

Director Torrance Maurer

Meet Rosemary. Rosemary is a girl who follows the same exact routine every single day, however she is forced out of this routine by unfortunate circumstances. What will become of her life? In this homage to Wes Anderson, Rosemary is forced to grapple with her new reality and finally discover what might come from some change.

Day Without Hate - Action/ Adventure- Documentary | Run Time 10:00 minutes

Directors Connor Tieulie, Sarah Hamilton & Adam Baca

Day Without Hate is a student-led initiative promoting peace, nonviolence, and mental health care in our schools and communities. Founded in Arvada, Colorado after the rise of school shootings.

That Time of Month- Action/ Adventure | Run Time 8:27 minutes

Director Ann Allsopp

A murder investigation takes a reporter and her cameraman to the house of three women roommates, who turn out to be werewolves.

Judd Omans Hart Memorial Episode 2: Depression - Not So Great - Documentary | Run Time 20:01 minutes

Director Greg Hart

A memorial to the director's father covering high school and the Great Depression while revealing accounts of Cedarege area history.  It depicts idyllic and hardscrabble struggles setting the stage for Episode III:War! - "For Old Dad".


Poems for Threkjshanelle - Fantasy | Run Time 4:02 minutes

Director Jonathan Martin-Ives

A selection of three poems from Jonathan Martin-Ives based on his Threkjshanelle poetry/short story series. Threkjshanelle is a word from the RellianStorm which means collection or gathering.

15 - Drama | Run Time 20:00 minutes

Director Melody Brooke

When a 15 year old girl discovers she is pregnant in a state where abortion is illegal, hard decisions have to be made.

Stinkytime Theater- episode 4 "Pint Sized Riot"- Comedy | Run Time 5:14 minutes

Directors DEan & Elizabeth Bonzani

An unexpected visitor turns out to be the answer to Rusty's prayers, but PoPo has no idea what's in store for him as he pet sits for what starts as a pleasant weekend.

From Stage to Screen - Documentary | Run Time 7:59 minutes

Director Phoenix Dorninger

From Stage to Screen follows the incredible story of musician, Jacob Sproul and his journey from opening for the biggest rock bands in history to creating music for clients like Starbucks, HBO and Infinity.

The Last Claim - Drama | Run Time 11:27 minutes

Director Justin W Golightly

A prospector drowning in debt and haunted by the past, searches for one last score before his time runs out.

Lost Bird (Zintkala Nuni)- Animation/Documentary | Run Time 6:06 minutes

Directors Scott Feldmann & Brad Colerick

This short film portrays the troubled life of a Lakota infant who survived the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee, only to struggle with identity and acceptance in white high society along with the loss of her own cultural heritage and people.


Written in the Stars - Animation | Run Time 4:00 minutes

Director Caitlin English

2D animated senior thesis film (BFA) about the stories that are written in the stars, and how the lessons of the past reflect and explain many values in the present day. The film follows the ancient story of the constellations Monoceros and Canis Minor, and how they became side by side; written in the stars.

A+ - Drama | Run Time 4:00 minutes

Director Trinity Roberts 

A+ explores the pressures and consequences of high expectations. An ambitious student grapples with a parent over the benchmarks to succeed. Original piano composition by Denver School of the Arts piano major.

Drowning - Drama | Run Time 4:00 minutes

Director Joshua Turner

Drowning is a powerful short film that explores the devastating effects of porn addiction. The film depicts the never-ending cycle of addiction and the pain it inflicts.

Due Diligence - Drama | Run Time 13:27 minutes

Director Peter Nepi

A young idealistic teacher struggles with his job as he clashes with a troubled student.

These Ol' Boots - Comedy | Run Time 17:44 minutes

Director- DEan Bonzani, Elizabeth Bonzani

The ambitions of a ruthless manager test the limits of an unlikely musical duo's abilities, stamina, and friendship.

On Top of Me - Drama | Run Time 10:57 minutes

Director- Laurie Clemens MaierWhen high school sweethearts reconnect at their thirty year reunion sparks fly, but for romance to blossom they must face deep divisions from years apart.


Night Owl - Drama | Run Time 8:54 minutes

Director- Parker Vanden Hoek

A sleep deprived college student struggles with what’s real and isn’t, as her nightmares leak into reality.

A Wedding Day - Drama | Run Time 21:00 minutes

Director Brendan Beachman

When an eccentric stranger stumbles into the couples first argument as man and wife, the day takes an abrupt turn and changes their lives forever.

Dear Father - Drama | Run Time 6:34 minutes

Director Levi Kramer

The son of a recently deceased post-Edwardian frontiersman goes on a journey to find the resting place of his father. Along the way he finds the cabin his parents married in and has a vision of where to find his father. The son's journey takes him through many visions and memories of life before his father's passing. The son's journey is finding his peace amongst the nature of loss.

The Vampyr - Fantasy | Run Time 8:50 minutes

A real estate agent, John Bell, takes a house call to make an estimate of an estate. In the dark hours he encounters a mysterious force that will change him forever.

Le Fay II - Fantasy | Run Time 15:00

Director Josh Weber, Dustin Larsen

This is a sequel to the short film Le Fay. Morgana Le Fay is battling the evil King Arthur and has to destroy Exclaiber before Arthur destroys humanity.


Super Kids - Comedy | Run Time 4:00 minutes

Director Joshua Turner

Everything seems ordinary as the siblings play upstairs, but chaos ensues when an evil mailman drops off a mysterious package and rings the doorbell. What's inside? Brace yourselves, it's not a cuddly teddy bear, but a gift from the notorious TERROR BEAR!

Desert Gestures - Documentary | Run Time 19:57 minutes

Director Ty Cary

Desert Gestures stands as a meditation on themes of place, history, and possibility as told through a meandering journey to places of natural and cultural significance scattered throughout the Four Corners region.

Fishing Colorado - A 15 Year Legacy - Documentary | Run Time 7:00

Director Ty Gallenbeck

For the last 15 years Chris, Ty and friends from all over have embarked on an annual fishing trip to Taylor Reservoir.  What started as a simple fishing trip has turned into something much more.

Bad at Flirting - Animation | Run Time 5:03 minutes

Director Erin Scott

Four friends try to figure out a way in each of their styles to flirt with their crushes.

Soul of St Ives - Fantasy | Run Time 20:00 minutes

Director Jonathan Christopher Martin-Ives

When the essence of Layla St. Ives (Kiona Martin) is stolen by a 'soul thief' and profiteer known as Kaanal (Joseph Burris), she is rescued by the war-wizard, Varayna Thrix (Linda Ives-Martin) in this Roger Corman-esc adventure...


Etched in Time: Monumental Tales of WW2 - Documentary | Run Time 9:36 minutes

Director Isabel Otis

Join us on a captivating journey through World War II as told by an intricate monument in Cedaredge.  This video takes you through a profound narrative, each story etched with precision, reflecting pivotal moments and unsung heroes of the war.

Grillz of Greed - Drama | Run Time 4:00 minutes

Director Torrance Maurer

An average service worker succumbs to the social pressure of capitalism and breaks the bank chasing his materialistic desires.

Le Tour - Fantasy | Run Time 6:49 minutes

Director Johnny Yager

A stubborn and unfriendly cyclist learns to enjoy the moment, after a supernatural encounter in a road race.

Gift - SciFi | Run Time 19:15 minutes

Director Graham J. Northrup

A young man escapes through the woods with his barely-conscious sister. Pursued by a warlord and his ruthless tracker, he must prevent her from falling into their hands again. But they will stop at nothing to control her unique gift - the ability heal others with touch.

No Way José Animation/Musical | Run Time 3:36 minutes

Director Benny Boom

An animated music video for the song, No Way José, depicting the universal struggle of handling that one friend who needs a place to stay for "a couple of nights" and ends up overstaying his welcome.

The Haunted House - Comedy | Run Time 4:00 minutes

Director Nate Posthumus

In this homage to Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp gets a job cleaning an old house where a ghost lurks.

Goodbye Grand Junction - Documentary | Run Time 5:47 minutes

Director Collin Jackson

Reflections of a young filmmaker leaving behind Western Colorado, the place that had defined his life and is the only home he's ever known.

Backyard Spring - Documentary | Run Time 7:20 minutes

Director Prema Rose

This is a tone-poem to glorify the exultation of Spring arriving in my own backyard in the mountains of Colorado. My challenge was to shoot it as a solo project.


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