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Gardening in the Theatre - June

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Insects of our Western Colorado Gardens

Class Description

Many insects impact our farms and our gardens in western Colorado. Each one is different in its biology, identification, behavior, life cycle, especially when we focus on how they interact with plants, by either helping or harming them. Additionally, they all vary in how they are perceived by human beings as either “good”, “bad”, or “ugly”. Some are noted as “good” or “important” as they provide vital ecosystem services as pollinators or decomposers and others are considered “bad” or “ugly” as they are pests and damage our: crops, ornamental shrubs/trees, turf, or natural landscapes/resources. Observing insect interaction, biology, and behavior is a lot like the wild west and we invite you to come explore with us! Join Melissa Schreiner, otherwise known as Mel, for an adventurous presentation presenting on the biology of western Colorado insects. Presenter Bio: Well-versed in both Colorado crop production and insect diagnostics, Melissa, otherwise called Mel, feels fortunate to be able to coalesce her interests with her passion for entomology and teaching. Mel works as an extension entomologist for Colorado State University Extension, focusing on the Tri-River Area of Colorado. She obtains advanced skills in vegetable production, horticultural entomology, insect/spider identification, and scientific illustration. Her extension and research program helps to solve agricultural, urban, public health, and natural resource issues relating to pest management and entomology in western Colorado. Mel's extension entomology program manages several diverse programs that support community members, master gardeners, producers, extension agents, pest management professionals, with the provision of insect/plant damage diagnostics and insect education. Please reach out to if you have questions concerning arthropods in the TRA or on the western slope of Colorado. Mel's direct line at the Mesa County office is 970-244-1838

  • Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center

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