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Film for Beginners-Movie Making for Kids

with Isabel Otis - Come as soon as school is out, we'll be ready for you! Wed. 3:45 - 4:45 Ages 8-18

Class Description

Dive into the world of film with Film for Beginners: Movie Making for Kids. From dreaming up stories to capturing them on camera, this course offers young filmmakers a hands-on journey through the magic of cinema. Discover the secrets of screenwriting, try your hand at directing, and see your ideas come to life on screen. Join us for an unforgettable cinematic adventure! WEEK 1: Discovering Film and The Art of Storytelling Introduce filmmaking and the essence of a story. Hands-on Activity: Group brainstorming session. Each group creates a story idea and pitches it. WEEK 2: Pre-production - Screenwriting Basics of screenwriting. Dive into characters, conflict, and resolutions. Hands-on Activity: Groups convert their story ideas into basic scripts and read them out for feedback. WEEK 3: Pre-production - Storyboarding & Planning Visualizing the narrative before shooting. Intro to storyboarding. Planning: shots, props, and locations. Hands-on Activity: Draft a storyboard from their scripts. List out props or locations required. WEEK 4: Production I - Introduction to Filming Get acquainted with camera operations and basics of shooting. Basic camera operations, angles, and framing. Intro to directing and communication with "actors". Hands-on Activity: Groups will practice shooting some initial sequences or scenes from their storyboard, ensuring everyone gets a chance behind and in front of the camera. WEEK 5: Production II - Filming & Hands-on Editing Complete the filming. Intro to the concept of editing and its significance. Hands-on Activity: Groups continue and conclude filming their stories. WEEK 6: Mock Film Festival Day Celebrate the efforts and creativity. Intro to the relevance of film festivals. Families can attend! Activity: Mock Film Festival where all films are showcased. After each film, a brief Q&A session. With 9 years of professional experience in the film industry, my love for filmmaking began during my childhood. As the founder of my high school's video club, I nurtured this passion from an early age. Over the years, I've written, directed, and edited more than 20 films, earning accolades in film festivals globally. Holding both an associate degree in Video Production and a trade degree in Digital Media Design, my portfolio ranges from documentaries and fictional tales to a diverse array of creative projects. Film has always been a driving passion in my life, and I'm eager to inspire the next generation of budding filmmakers.

  • Starts Oct 18
  • 75 US dollars
  • Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center

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