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Coming of Age

with Penny Rubala

Class Description

May 5th ~ 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. $50 per mother/daughter pair (no singles allowed) In the New Art Garage Coming of Age is an in-depth workshop for mothers and their pre-teen daughters on puberty and the facts of life taught by Penny Rubala, RN MSN, who has been teaching this workshop since 1998. The changes a young girl experiences during puberty and adolescence deserve an artful and informative explanation. Beyond the "birds and the bees", young girls need help understanding the meaning and mysteries of their physiological development. Some mothers often don't know how to approach the topic or simply feel uncomfortable about it. Penny with show mothers and daughters how to embrace adolescence with a positive attitude and take you and your daughter through a no-nonsense, yet funny walk through PMS, cramps, menstrual cycles, and various physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. She will also clarify misinformation that some girls may receive from friends and others. The daughters will receive a workbook to take home to review and support discussions with mothers. The girls will also have a craft project to create as part of the workshop. Come celebrate womanhood with your daughter!

  • 50 US dollars
  • Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center

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