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Matinee Showings

Super Kids.jpg

Super Kids - Comedy

Director Joshua Turner

Everything seems ordinary as the siblings play upstairs, but chaos ensues when an evil mailman drops off a mysterious package and rings the doorbell. What's inside? Brace yourselves, it's not a cuddly teddy bear, but a gift from the notorious TERROR BEAR!

desert gestures film poster (1)-overlay.png

Desert Gestures - Documentary

Director- Ty Cary

Desert Gestures stands as a meditation on themes of place, history, and possibility as told through a meandering journey to places of natural and cultural significance scattered throughout the Four Corners region.

Fishing Colorado.jpg

Fishing Colorado-A 15 Year Legacy - Documentary

Director Ty Gallenbeck

For the last 15 years Chris, Ty and friends from all over have embarked on an annual fishing trip to Taylor Reservoir.  What started as a simple fishing trip has turned into something much more.

Bad Flirting.jpg

Bad at Flirting - Animation

Director Erin Scott

Four friends try to figure out a way in each of their styles to flirt with their crushes.

Soul of St. Ives.jpg

Soul of St Ives - Fantasy

Director Jonathan Christopher Martin-Ives

When the essence of Layla St. Ives (Kiona Martin) is stolen by a 'soul thief' and profiteer known as Kaanal (Joseph Burris), she is rescued by the war-wizard, Varayna Thrix (Linda Ives-Martin) in this Roger Corman-esc adventure...

ETCHED IN TIME POSTER with laurel.png

Etched in Time: Monumental Tales of WW2 - Documentary

Director Isabel Otis

Join us on a captivating journey through World War II as told by an intricate monument in Cedaredge.  This video takes you through a profound narrative, each story etched with precision, reflecting pivotal moments and unsung heroes of the war.


Grillz of Greed - Drama

Director Torrance Maurer

An average service worker succumbs to the social pressure of capitalism and breaks the bank chasing his materialistic desires.

Le Tour.jpg

Le Tour - Fantasy

Director Johnny Yager

A stubborn and unfriendly cyclist learns to enjoy the moment, after a supernatural encounter in a road race.


Gift - Sci-Fi

Director- Graham J. Northrup

A young man escapes through the woods with his barely-conscious sister. Pursued by a warlord and his ruthless tracker, he must prevent her from falling into their hands again. But they will stop at nothing to control her unique gift - the ability to heal others with touch.

No Way Jose poster.jpg

No Way José - Animation

Director Benny Boom

An animated music video for the song, No Way José, depicting the universal struggle of handling that one friend who needs a place to stay for "a couple of nights" and ends up overstaying his welcome.

The Haunted House.jpg

The Haunted House - Comedy

Director- Nate Posthumus

In this homage to Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp gets a job cleaning an old house where a ghost lurks.

Goodbye Grand Junction.jpg

Goodbye Grand Junction - Documentary

Director- Collin Jackson

Reflections of a young filmmaker leaving behind Western Colorado, the place that had defined his life and is the only home he's ever known.


Backyard Spring - Documentary

Director Prema Rose

This is a tone-poem to glorify the exultation of Spring arriving in my own backyard in the mountains of Colorado. My challenge was to shoot it as a solo project. 

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