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Matinee Showings

love hope trust.jpg

Love Hope Trust- Musical/Animation

"Love Hope Trust" is an official music video directed by Ciro Ayala for American artist Roger Street Friedman, featuring legendary musician Larry Campbell. 

horsing around.jpg

Horsing Around: Caring for Lucy & Reba- Documentary

"Horsing Around: Caring for Lucy and Reba" is a short documentary about Kendra Yund, a student at Colorado Mesa University who is on the rodeo team and how she cares for her horses.


Summer Nights- Musical

This music video/film is about summer nights, friendship and how fun it is to have a breeze rush through your hair, or slide down on a playground, or run with your friends in the rain. It's about a feeling one has when looking at a bee furiously collecting nectar or raindrop hitting ground. Be still, listen and watch all the wonders of summer nights.


Lullaby- Animation

Lullaby is an illustration to children's song created and performed by Leonard Manevich in two languages - English and Russian in order to promote intercultural exchange. Lullaby is a traditional 3-D animation.

Baby-mouse is traveling on the ship at night with his mother to his grandmother's house. He is dreaming of his favorite treat - cheese and crackers. New moon is singing lullaby to the baby, and stars dance for him in the sky.

Even though Lullaby runs only six minutes, it is full of charming tranquility, it is very soothing and thus suitable for every child, especially before bedtime.


Axel- Animation

A little alien has a big dream!


Password- Comedy

Have you ever played the "Password Game" where you try to pass a friend or family member, but they require a password from you to do so? Well, join "sister" and "brother" as they play that game all while sister tries to make it downstairs to pour herself a bowl of her beloved Honey Nut Cheerios.


The Trobie- Drama

One summers day, two children make a discovery of which they could have never dreamed - one that poses to be thwarted by their little brother... who can't keep a secret.


Sweet and Salty- Animation

A mermaid's biases jeopardize her relationships and bakery.


The Search for Fingledoofer- Animation

A young boy looses his imaginary friend and finds a real friend while searching for him.

crocodile & plover.jpg

Crocodile and Plover Bird- Clay Animation

A story about unique symbiotic relationship between plover bird and crocodile. But it all started with crocodile's toothache one day as he was not able to use dental floss, or toothbrush as his arms are too short to get food stuck in his teeth.

happy statue.jpg

Happy Statue- Animation

The story of a bronze statue with a strong pose that inspires many on a daily basis. One day, a little girl notices that the statue is hiding how it truly feels and she decides to do something to help him out. After a while, a construction crew brings a new item to the park, but what is it? 


Invisible Manners- Animation

A short animated poem which hopes to inspire and motivate a change in perception to those affected by invisible not all that you see, is everything that's there.


The Secret Quest- Action/Adventure

Starring and entirely written by 7 year olds Karter and Karson; two girls leave the house to embark on a quest to find gold.

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